Best Maze Games Online

Maze games give you the chance to enter a whole new world and put your problem solving skills to the test. Here are some of the leading maze games that are available to play online.

Pac Adventure Dracula’s Castle

The classic Pac Man game is given a new lease of life and a spooky setting with this great new game. Players steer the cute yet greedy character through the maze in Transylvania to battle monsters as he feeds his face with those delicious dots. The background music and the modern feel of this game are sure to keep players coming back for more time and time again.

Lab Rat: Quest for Cheese

Guide the hungry rat through a number of different maze levels as he tries to find all of the forty two cheeses before being caught in a cunning trap. There are plenty of surprises in store for gamers as they progress through the maze stages and this game is certainly no piece of cake, or cheese.


Great Balls of fire! Guide a flaming ball through a challenging maze to reach the finish before the fire is extinguished. This maze game can be rather tricky to master, but the ever changing background and vibrant graphics make it very playable.


This exciting maze game is sure to keep gamers on their toes as they battle to race to the finsih line. Guide a UFO through a futuristic maze collecting objects and boosters along the way and avoiding obstacles. The great graphics of this game make it very addictive and this innovative game is suitable for players of all ages.