Fun flash strategy games

Fun flash games that are worth your time playing are hard to find. Here are some of the most highly rated strategy games on the Internet at the moment.

Cargo Bridge 2

Build bridges as per your own designs and send your men across. There are numerous strategies you can use to get the job done and it is blisteringly good fun once you get the hang of it.


The game takes more rendering than a lard factory, and it takes a lot of getting into, but once you have built your base it becomes more engaging. This is a game to play when you are waiting for a bus.

Colonial Wars

Get past the first five levels and you will start enjoying it. Reinforce your islands to counter attacks and it takes on a “Risk” feel but with real-time action. Once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying it a lot more.

World Wars

This is probably the biggest Risk rip off of all time. They have simplified the combat so it is far easier to jump right into a game, but it is also easier to lose within four turns, so careful which battles you pick.