Raking In Those Wins

Although a strategic game that requires a certain amount of skill, poker is still very much a game of chance, and everyone can have a bad day. But there are ways to keep in yourself in check even when having a particularly undesirable run.Nerves are a pain and can throw you off your game in an instant. The best advice in such a scenario is to give it a rest and know when to stop. You can’t win them all. If you’re not achieving desired results, give it up or lower the stakes. Tilting can happen to anyone; for ways to avoid it.Level-headedness is the key to avoiding unpleasant losses, so if you’re getting stressed, had a crappy day or are indulging in drink; it might not be the best idea to play. Stop and regroup, brush up, and try your luck another time. If you’re still tempted, however, be smart. Tilting can be used to your advantage; players get cocky if they’re raking in win after win.


Should this be the case; play for smaller stakes. Your competitors will be excited at the prospect of the wins, which can give you a chance to regroup and turn the game around to your advantage.

Be aware of your limits

Always have an idea of what you’ve spent and do keep tabs on your wins or losses. Studies have shown that players with a good reserve tend to bring a better game to the table. The psychology behind it is quite simple really. Having a decent balance on the account means that players will be more comfortable. If on the other hand you’re down to the last few bucks, you’re more likely to overthink and make silly mistakes, simply by being on edge about the outcome.Read more about poker and find great bonuses here.